Aperol Spritz


The best ways to enjoy Aperol Spritz this summer

Effervescent, icy, and of course… orange. Aperol is a true partner for hot NZ summer days - and sultry summer nights. Kiwis love to get their perfect serve just right, and as always, share the moment with others.

So here’s some of our favourite ways enjoy an Aperol Spritz.

Spotted at your favourite bar

Aperol’s mission this summer is to bring people together, and what better way than to share in one of 10,000 moments of joy at an Auckland bar. And what a moment – if you and a friend buy two spritzes, you’ll get a free Aperitivo snack at participating venues. Free food with a spritz?! Count us in!

And never fear, if you don’t live in Auckland, Aperol is also offering a 2 for 1 deal on Aperol Spritz at establishments across the country.

Aperitivo hour

The mystical time after work and before dinner, between 6pm and 8pm…. is the ideal time to crack out an aperitif like the Aperol Spritz! And in keeping with tradition, a little snack.

You could try one of our perfect serves with your own recipe for a little savoury accompaniment – or try making Miss Polly’s polenta and rosemary chips! We guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

Let’s picnic 

If you want to get really glam, make sure you pack your chilly bin with ice packs to keep your prosecco cold and your ice cubes frozen (for a little while at least), and take your glassware too. While many of NZ’s beaches, main parks and city-hang-outs are off-limits as they have localised alcohol bans, you might still be able to find a secret sunset spot that’s approved by your local authority.

At an NZ festival

Aperol’s orange hue evokes that hot orange sunset vibe seen in late hazy summer…so what better place for Aperol Spritz to be supped at than the Sunsetter Food, Wine & Music Festival in 2021.

The one-day festival in February 2022 will be held at North Harbour Domain and promises to be an awesome day of beautiful food, good friends and awesome musicians. All topped off with an Aperol Spritz. A perfect summer day indeed!

On Christmas Day

 And… the big one. Do away with a Buck’s Fizz or even just plain old bubbles with your brunch… and make it more orange with an Aperol Spritz!

It works for more than just brunch too – Christmas Day gives you so many perfect moments for food and drink pairings.

How about a nice Spritz with Christmas lunch and a lovely slice of cold ham? Or even with some of those lovely BBQ meats, mid-afternoon with your mother-in-law, or even at sunset.


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